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Time for a fresh look at how you connect with your Sales Teams

You need to be sure your sales teams are consistently telling the same story to every customer; that they have exactly the right messaging for every solution and that they are aligned with the activities your Marketing colleagues are developing.

You need to engage your sales teams using the right forms of communication so they can access whatever, whenever or wherever they like.

STR custom content and professional services can help you address all the above, regardless of your preferred Sales Enablement Platform.

New Product Introduction

Marketing Campaign Execution

Sales Team Engagement

When you launch a new product, you need to be sure your sales team not only understand what it is and what it does, they also need to be able to sell it.

STR POWERsession™ is a team session that is run by a sales manager with everything they need to MOTIVATE, EQUIP and MOBILIZE your sales team.

Innovative use of video, capturing messages from key stakeholders and senior executives, are combined with team activities and action-planning. An ideal way to get everyone on the sales team fully engaged and on the same page.

POWERsessions™ come complete with Leader Guides, Web-briefings and all the materials you need to run a successful NPI workshop and because they are run by the local sales manager, there is no need to do a product roadshow; your launch can happen simultaneously around the globe.

You invest heavily in new marketing activities all the time and you track customer responses to your campaigns and pass these to your Sales Department as Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL). But do you also make sure to engage your Sales Teams to ensure they understand each campaign; its target audience and messaging?

INSIGHTtv™ from STR is a great way to have regular, consistent and valuable communication with your sellers - so they are fully informed about marketing activities and can reinforce your messaging in each sales call they make.

INSIGHTtv™ is a monthly TV series, custom-made for your organization, specifically designed to help your sellers ‘lock-step’ with Marketing so you are not only marketing TO your customers, you are marketing THROUGH your sales teams.

Each short TV show includes news and interviews with Executive stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts to communicate the importance and progress of your campaigns. INSIGHTtv™ is also a great forum to show success stories and feedback from the field.

Click the link below to hear David Claypool from Hewlett Packard Enterprise describing the INSIGHTtv™ series STR has been producing for them since 2013.

Sales people are busy people and most of them know exactly where to spend their time most effectively - in front of customers!

So in order to engage them - you have to GET their attention.

At STR, we have created three ways for you to engage your sales teams:
POWERsessions™ for New Product Introduction and Sales Campaign launches
INSIGHTtv™ to maintain contact and communicate News and Expert Opinion in an easy to consume video format.
PIPELINEbuilder to quickly summarise new use cases and sales successes to prompt local sales strategies - with direct links to supporting content.

Whatever you want to do with and for your sales force, requires attention management. With STR custom content services, we can help you to focus your sales teams’ attention and deliver measurable new business.

Click the link below to see an overview of STR PIPELINEbuilder

POWERsession Overview
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POWERsessions™ by STR are self-contained workshops for your sales managers to run with your sales teams.  Add a POWERsession™ onto your monthly sales meeting and focus your team on the latest product launch, or sales campaign.  Each session is a combination of short video segments and team activities; ideal for engaging and managing the attention of your sales people with relevant content, all run by a local sales manager.  Everything they need to host a session is provided and they do not need to be subject matter experts, or qualified trainers.

POWERsessions™ are custom-made and utilise short video programs where we hear from your key executive stakeholders, product managers and technical experts, so your team can quickly absorb all they need to sell successfully.  Team activities are explained by an on-screen facilitator, so your sales managers do not have to be expert trainers.

Each POWERsession™ has an Action Planning session so you can get full commitment to your objectives and then track and monitor progress in the field.

POWERsessions™ help the global sales teams of DHL, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Thomson Reuters to quickly scale out sales training and get their sales people heading towards quota immediately. 

INSIGHTtv Overview

Over 60 hours of new video is uploaded to YouTube every hour! Video continues to be the preferred communication tool for every sort of message.

INSIGHTtv™ from STR combines professional television production with the flexibility and ease of access of the web into short, focused TV shows that connect you with your sellers - whether they are your own sales teams or those of your partners.

Each short TV show includes news and interviews with Executive stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts to communicate the importance and progress of your campaigns. INSIGHTtv™ is also a great forum to show success stories and feedback from the field.

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The STR video production team is staffed by broadcast professionals with over 80 person-years’ of experience with leading global broadcasters.  We produce high quality programming which is both affordable and economic.

Clarivate Analytics (previously Thomson Reuters IP&Science) has commissioned STR to produce a series of 6 programmes to support their Web of Science product.  The programmes feature leading senior faculty members from world class academic institutions, sharing the challenges and excitement of scientific research with the rest of the world.



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When you are looking for new inspiration to find new customers or new conversations to have with your existing customers, you will want to know what is working for your colleagues in other territories.

STR PIPELINEbuilder is a series of short video overviews of customer use cases with direct links to supporting content.  So you can quickly review the video and if it is of interest to you, you can immediately access new content.  If not, then you have only invested 5 minutes of your time.