Competency Led Sales Enablement

Having identified, via the Discovery, the knowledge & skills requirements, Strategy to Revenue (STR) will create a Competency Led Learning Journey for the specific role. That is what skills and knowledge we need to ensure people effectively execute the activities associated with their role.

A Learning Journey not an event

STR does not believe that you can embed the required knowledge and skills (and the associated behaviors) via a training course. The STR Learning Journey that takes the best of all approaches

Pre-defined or tailored Learning Journeys

If you are onboarding people to a role or you have decided they do not have the requisite knowledge & skills then you can deliver pre-defined Learning Journeys, but what happens with your tenured sales team?

Too often sales people react badly to being asked to attend training when “they already know it”. STR, via it’s SKILLbuild platform, can create personalized Learning Journeys that start with assessment.

  • Allow the Sales Person to opt to sit a test or an assessment to prove they know it
  • If they pass they do not have to do the knowledge transfer and can proceed to the ACTIONsession
  • If they fail they do the Learning and then proceed to the ACTIONsession

These assessments also help organizations identify the knowledge & skills levels of their highest performers which can become the benchmark for everyone else.

The STR Skills Library

Strategy to Revenue (STR) have been delivering competency led sales enablement solutions for the last 8 years and have now built up a library of generic pieces of e-learning, or On-Screen Activities. This enables STR to quickly roll-out programs without having to build content from scratch.

Because we use standard e-learning development tools we can also very quickly personalize content to our client’s language and translate the content into other languages.

To see an example of how we deliver the deliver the OSAs via SKILLbuild click below to register on our demo tool:

We have translated this Skill Library into some standardised Learning Journeys which can be used in their generic format or tailored specifically to your needs