What We Do

Strategy to Revenue (STR) delivers programs and solutions that helps your sales organization drive margin, increase share of wallet and greater market penetration. This is achieved by aligning the go-to-market messages to the needs of the buyer, ensuring the sales team have the knowledge, skills and processes/tools to be effective and creating a performance coaching culture.

STR knows that most people do not think in Sales Enablement speak, so we are pragmatic in how we position our solutions and we also speak the language of training courses, campaign playbooks, assessments and certification.

If you are looking for a partner who will ensure that your sales people, know what they need to know, have the skills to effectively sell and have the tools to drive a consistent approach to execution, then STR is your partner. We call it competency led sales enablement, you can call it helping you to grow sales and onboard people quickly, the end result is the same, achievement of your strategic objectives.

What We Solve

  1. Reduce time to effectiveness for new starters
  2. Grow net new names by focusing on Pipeline and New Business Development
  3. Increase Share of Wallet
  4. Change product mix to maximize Gross Margin
  5. Get Sales Managers to performance coach
  6. Drive uptake of Sales Enablement tools

How We Solve These Challenges

Everything starts with a Discovery Exercise to uncover the desired outcomes, current state, what needs to change and an agreed approach to delivering that change.

The outcome of the discovery is a program definition document that identifies:We then take one of 3 routes to driving the changes:

What are the results?

Here are some examples of how we have worked with our clients to deliver award winning results.

Motorola Solutions

Program: First Moments – Improving time to productivity for new hires


The Motorola Solutions Learning organization, as the company’s business enabler, created The First Moments program, in joint partnership with STR, to provide Motorola Solutions with a global, consistent method to set the sales new hires up for success, according to the sales transformation efforts.

STR, with its strength in delivering strategic consultation and sales execution programs, in-house expertise in sales and sales management best practices, instructional and creative design expertise, and technology and broadcast media, was selected by the Motorola Solutions Learning organization to develop, in partnership, an unconventional, business-focused onboarding program.

The goals of the onboarding program were as follows and were all achieved:

  1. Goal: Immerse sales new hires in the Motorola Solutions brand and culture from the first moment they signed up to join the company.
    • Achievement: The learning organization engaged the Marketing organization to co-develop the onboarding program name. With the company’s purpose being, ‘we help people be the best in the moments that matter’, the onboarding program was named: First Moments Learning Roadmap. What’s more, for consistent visual branding, the onboarding materials used iconography and typography from the company’s brand collateral library. The materials were written in a direct and personal tone of voice, also following the Motorola Solutions brand guidelines
  1. Goal: Develop a comprehensive onboarding program in the sales organization – a learning roadmap that can be used for all new hires with content customization and path variations for different go-to-market routes (direct sales vs. channel sales in different regions and specific roles).
    • Achievement: The content of the program covered the necessary knowledge, skills, sales methodologies/processes/tools, critical sales collateral materials and productivity resources to enable the new hires to be successful in their role. Both global and region-specific content was provided
  1. Goal: Through instructional design to ensure the learning activities drive towards targeted sales results, provide a common baseline of performance expectations for all sales new hires worldwide.
    • Achievement: Specific learning activities and performance expectations we specified in the program – by the first 30, 60 and 90 days. Both the new hires and their managers had clear goals against which they could measure their participation and sales results
  1. Goal: Provide easy access of the onboarding program materials to sales new hires since they would be out in the field most of the time.
    • Achievement: The complex program information was built into an easy-to-use, interactive PDF guide that could be access from new hires’ laptop or other mobile devices, with links to various learning programs, sales and marketing collateral materials, various rich-media content (videos), sales tools and resources, online knowledge, communities, etc. Many of these assets were hosted in cloud-based environments an employees could access them anytime, anywhere via secure single sign-on. New hires would not need to wait for any scheduled classes and could jump right into learning, elimination time wastage
Thomson Reuters

Program: Learning Journey for First Line Sales Managers


To create a global program to be rolled out to all Thomson Reuters businesses to create 'The Excellent Thomson Reuters Sales Manager’. This program covered all the key activities of a First Line Sales Manager - Coach, Manager, Leader, Recruiter, and Trainer.

At the end of the program, the First Line Manager was certified as an 'Excellent Thomson Reuters Sales Manager’ and future activities can be linked to maintaining this Certification.


Utilizing the STR SKILLbuild® solution, we created a 12-month program that allows the Sales Managers to:

Learn the key skills required to be an 'Excellent Thomson Reuters Sales Manager’ including - Sales Performance Management; People - Performance Management; People Management; Leadership; Soft Skills; Culture

- This is delivered via a series of On-Screen Activities supported by tests to ensure understanding

Consolidate and refine their understanding as it applies to their personal circumstances

- This is delivered via a 2 day ACTIONsession and a 1 day ACTIONsession which focuses on discussion and practice

Perform and Certify to prove that that they are able to effectively execute coaching in the 'business as usual’ activities

- This is delivered via a series of evidence-based Proof Points and Observation Assessments that are marked by Thomson Reuters Facilitators

Improve and Measure via continual monitoring of the quality and effectiveness of the activities

- This is delivered via STR using its assessment tools to identify improvements and suggest additional coaching focus

The SKILLbuild® solutions require the active participation of not only the Learner but also their Line Manager. In the case of Thomson Reuters, this means the Line Manager is responsible for ensuring the Learner passes the tests and then uses the Observation Assessments to ensure the Sales Manager is actively performing their role.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Program: A POWERsession® solution focused on Selling HP Storage in the Enterprise


To Increase HP’s share of wallet for their Storage business in global and enterprise accounts through engagement of the Sales

Leaders to motivate, equip and drive execution of their Sales Teams.


So, STR designed and developed a 2 hour highly interactive, multimedia package called a POWERsession® - a media-rich Workshop experience for Sales, Pre-Sales, Channel Partners and Managers to attend.

The award winning POWERsession® offered a different and new approach to motivate, equip and mobilize a large sales force dispersed around many territories. The POWERsession® is a rich content, Flash®-driven, sales effectiveness Workshop. In this instance, it also served as a coaching platform for Sales Leaders to create a sales management and performance review structure around their Sales Teams.

This Selling HP Storage POWERsession® for AGMs and EAMs was led by HP Sales Leaders who received a complete multimedia toolkit package including: a Flash®-rich media interactive on-screen presentation; presenter-led video interviews of HP Executives; tailored team activities and exercises; a case study developed around new HP 3 Par Storage solutions, as well as a comprehensive POWERsession® Leader Guide to help the Facilitators prepare for and run the POWERsession®.


"One of the best training deliverables I have seen in HP in my 20 years with the company.”

— HP Account General Manager

The results of this POWERsession® initiative have delivered an increase in the Pipeline through salesforce.com of qualified Storage opportunities in our Global Accounts.


Program: Coaching for Success Learning Journey


To create a program that could be rolled out to all markets globally, that would help Sales Managers become effective Coaches. Coaches who, not only possess core coaching skills, but know how to effectively deploy these skills with their Sales Teams, using sales performance indicators to identify the root causes of performance issues, and enable performance improvement and revenue growth.


Utilizing the STR SKILLbuiId® solution, we have created a 4-month program that enables Sales Managers to:

- Learn the key skills required for effective coaching and immediately apply these in the workplace

This is delivered via a series of On-Screen Activities supported by Work-Based Activities

- Consolidate and refine their understanding as it applies to their personal circumstances

This is delivered via a 2day ACTIONsession which focuses on peer to peer discussion and practice

- Perform and Certify to prove that they are able to effectively execute coaching in their ’business as usual' activities

This is delivered via a series of evidence based Proof Points and Observation Assessments that are graded by external Assessors

- Improve and Measure via a clear measurement model that enables financial improvement to be tracked alongside continual monitoring of the quality and effectiveness of the coaching

This is delivered via Vodafone using their internal KPIs to measure changes and STR using its assessment tools to identify improvements and suggest additional coaching focus

The SKILLbuiId® solutions require the active participation of both the Learner and their Line Manager. In the case of Vodafone, this means the Senior Line Manager ran the initial kick-off activities with their team of Sales Managers (a JUMPstart Session), coached them in support of their Work-Based Activities and ran practice Observation Assessments to ensure the Sales Manager was ready for Certification.

This solution has been designed to allow local Vodafone personnel to manage and run the program, or utilize STR’s Facilitators and Assessors. In addition, it has been translated into multiple languages.


Program: Global Sales Certification Program


To deliver a Global Sales Certification program addressing all front line sales roles, including sales management in support of their

’Good to Great’ business strategy to create a high performing sales organization


STR partnered with DHL Global Forwarding (DGF) to implement the Certified International Forwarding initiative for sales (CIF-Sales).

The solution goals for the CIF-Sales program were to:

- Bring the sales community of 3,000+ people working globally to the same level of competence

- Provide an excellent onboarding experience for new hires and address existing employees

- Customize the program for each role (Telesales, Field Sales, Trade Lane, Key Account & Sales Manager, Sales Facilitator)

- Deliver a common sales language across the organization

- Deliver the program in 8 languages

- Internal accreditation process to certify the Internal Sales Facilitators who roll out QSE globally

- Adopt a coaching culture across the organization

- Measure performance improvement through a global dashboard

As you can see, these goals were very ambitious and it required a combination of senior management global and regional support, best in class sales processes and development content, alignment with the Sales Performance Dashboards and an infrastructure to deliver at this scale effectively.

CIF-Sales has taken on all of these challenges head on and delivered what can only be summarized as a truly amazing and innovative business development program, supported by regular and structured coaching activities that many global Fortune 500 companies would find hard to match.

CIF-Sales includes:

- Brand and Communications — A CIF brand identity was created with a set of communication and engagement deliverables including emails, online magazine, posters, videos, and banners. A sporting theme was used to compliment the brand and bring life and relevance to the mission of moving from ’Good to Great’

- End-to-End Learning Journey — A five stage learning journey customized for each sales role that focused on Preparation & Commitment (Stage 1); DGF Company Background & Overview (Stage 2); Sales Knowledge, Process, Skills, & Tools (Stage 3), Application & Execution on the Job linked to performance coaching (Stage 4) and Ongoing Reinforcement & Continuous Improvement (Stage 5).

- Comprehensive Global Certification — All salespeople have been required to go through a CIF-Sales Certification program that is aligned to the end-to-end Learning Journey. This included both knowledge based assessments and evidence of change in the Field, through observation during joint visits by sales management.

- CIF-Sales Platforms — The CIF-Sales platforms provide the ability to effectively manage and scale the roll-out of the program and also provide the necessary monitoring and reporting. The platform is tailored for the key roles including the Sales Management, Facilitators, and Learners.

- Monitoring and Measurement — The platforms help to support monitoring of specific CIF-Sales KPIs related to the roll-out of the Five stages of the Learning Journey at global, regional, country and individual level. These KPIs are then being used to map against business improvement in the Global Sales Index Scorecard.

The CIF-Sales program has been a significant factor in sales results of DGF during the last 18 months, relating to overall sales and customer acquisition and retention. The Global Sales Index Scorecard has shown specific positive improvement in Key Performance KP’s to support this, including:

- Increase in the 'Pipeline Size’ of 8-11% across global regions

- Increase in the 'Hit rate’ of additional and new business from 2% up to 10%

- Reduction in 'Churn rate’ of 7-9% Impact

"CIF-Sales has been a completely fresh and innovative approach to motivate, educate and ensure execution of the sales organization in line with our business strategy and KPI’s to deliver business results. It’s a key differentiator for us in a very competitive market."

— Michael Dhu, Vice President Global Head Sales Steering