Tailored Programs

Tailored Sales & Sales Leadership Training Programs that get straight to the heart of sales performance issues, delivering fast high-impact results that support the goals of the business.

Program Options

Program Options

Our Approach

Each of our tailored programs includes a combination of one or more of the following elements.

To build a tailored program to address your business goals

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Our Capabilities

Capability Frameworks

We build role specific capability (or competency) models that identify the key activities required to ensure success within each of the different sales roles within your business.

We detail the expected outcomes of a salesperson’s interaction with customers within their role and outline aspirational but realistic benchmark targets for the role. Typically, we recommend four capability levels; Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert but recognize there could be more.

Our Capabilities

Skills Assessment

We build tailored assessment questions to determine how close each sales person is to competently carrying out their role. In addition to identifying the individual’s core capabilities, the skills assessment crucially identifies the areas that need strengthening. The assessment feeds both the Skills Assessment and the Skills Gap Analysis. When combined with SKILLbuild®, our online assessment and learning platform, it can also be used to create tailored learning paths specific to each sales person’s needs. Skills Assessments are also typically delivered via SKILLBuild®.

Our Capabilities

Skills Gap Analysis

The Strategy to Revenue SKILLbuild® Management Dashboard compiles the results of the individual Skills Assessments to produce a tabular overview of the Skills gaps of the whole sales team as they align to their job role. The report can group results by team, regions or departments. From here a Skills Gap Analysis report can be generated identifying overall Skills Gaps within the group (or groups). As a result, a business can be sure that their sales training investment is directed at tackling the capabilities that most need improving across the organization.

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Learning Portal

SKILLbuild® is our cloud-based assessment and learning platform. It offers scalable delivery of learning modules, a Management Dashboard to track learner’s progress and a skills assessment capability.

SKILLbuild includes over 70 e-learning modules, with the ability to add legacy learning content if required. It integrates with all mainstream Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Our Capabilities

Individual Learning Paths

Based on the results from the Skills Assessment, SKILLbuild® our cloud-based learning platform, automates the learning process. Topics where a learner has demonstrated the required capability level during the assessment process are hidden from the overall curriculum. Thus, a tailored individual learning path is created. It means sales people complete only the learning needed, enabling them to spend more time in the field. It also ensures that training time is dedicated only to the areas they genuinely need to strengthen.

Our Capabilities

Targeted Workshops

We build tailored workshops according to the goals of the business and the specific needs of the sales team. And, we believe in putting attention on the learner and the learning. Our workshops are a space for dynamic, interactive learning where the instructor becomes a consultant-facilitator, that guides learners to apply new concepts and engage creatively with the subject matter through group work, discussion, and peer feedback.

Workshops are facilitated by Strategy-to-Revenue. Alternatively, we provide training content, support materials, a detailed delivery plan, manuals and aids to the business for you to run the workshop yourself. In these instances, a Train-the-Trainer program can be added to the deliverables.

Our Capabilities

Sales Team Leader & Management Skills

We arm sales Managers with the skills, tools and knowledge they need to build, manage and motivate a profitable, successful sales team. Higher level selling skills including Selling to the C-Suite, and Key Account Manager Skills are also included, with the added option of mentoring sessions to tackle live work scenarios.

Our Capabilities

Coaching Skills

The award-winning Strategy to Revenue Excellence in Sales Leader Coaching Programme provides Sales Leaders with the skills and structure to implement effective sales coaching within their teams, to ultimately drive improved sales performance. A lack of ‘coaching culture’ or knowledge on ‘how to’ coach often means that Sales Leaders do not regularly coach their team members.

Our Capabilities

On-going Reinforcement

Ensuring new skills and knowledge become habitually integrated into day-to-day sales activities is crucial. We provide the tools and process aids for Sales Managers and Sales Leaders to ensure the constant reinforcement of learning is maintained.

Our Capabilities

Senior Sales Leader Development

Based on individual needs, we build bespoke learning and development programs for Senior Sales Leaders. Programs might include live mentoring, 1-to-1 coaching, or training programs. We tackle current sales and leadership challenges and personal growth and development. In short, tailored programs to help Senior Sales Leaders to competently run successful, profitable and efficient teams and simultaneously build their own business credentials. Previous programs have included training in C-Level Negotiations, Sales Management and Coaching Skills and Managing Gross Margins.

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We firmly believe that learning must be a journey not a one-time event. Reinforcement is essential for new skills, knowledge and behaviors to become truly ingrained in a person’s day-to-day mindset. Our Train-the-Trainer Programs are for companies who want to fully equip their managers to reinforce and develop the skills learnt via the Training Programme. We provide all required materials including facilitators guide, training plans and manuals and visuals.

We also deliver training programs for companies with an in-house training resource, giving them the tools and guidance they need to run our workshops and learning and development programs.

Our Capabilities


An often-overlooked area which can have a detrimental impact on new recruits and the existing sales team. We create a clear definition of what the required roles, behaviors and capabilities (or competencies) are for success in each sales position. Is there a recruitment and coaching program in place that supports them? We consider the impact of the existing sales team on new recruits and focus on manager-led capabilities training and ongoing assessment. Finally, we look at how organizations build the right environment for staff to develop the skills, knowledge and capabilities they need to achieve the results the business expects.



We conduct a qualitative analysis of the current sales process. This Discovery looks at the alignment between corporate strategy and sales execution, paying particular focus to the current set-up and capabilities of the sales team. From here we identify the key areas for alignment improvement. Then, we outline the core capabilities – the skills, knowledge, processes and behaviors – that require training and development, to enable the team to successfully deliver on the required business strategy.

We always consider the most efficient learning delivery options and build a tailored program to effect that change. Milestones built into the tailored program are used to chart progress and sales improvement gains.


Program Design

Custom Built sales training and development programs to arm teams with the skills, knowledge, processes and tools needed to achieve sustained commercial improvement.

Our technology and experience mean we can deliver programs at scale, nationally and internationally across multiple cultures and languages.

Programs are built using a full range of blended learning delivery and content capabilities including; live events, workshops, eLearning, webinars, and videos. Programs can be targeted for Sales Teams, Sales Managers, Sales Leadership, or for Sales Coaching and Support.


Targeted Content

All content is targeted to address the specific challenges identified in the Discovery process. Programs are built using the standard modules from our extensive Skills Training Library or, we create tailored learning content that reflects your vertical sector, specific industry challenges and business goals.

We deliver content via the medium that best suits the business and its learners. We offer optional integration with a client’s existing learning assets, and Train-the-Trainer (TTT) programs for internal delivery and learning reinforcement.


Validation & Reinforcement

Learning is a journey, not an event.

We want to guarantee that the capabilities and best practice learned by the team become ingrained in their day-to-day routine. So, we build processes to reinforce good behaviour and to validate learning progress and achievement. We put internal stakeholders e.g. sales managers or sales trainers, at the heart of this validation and reinforcement. Finally, we provide the skills, tools and coaching to ensure that sustained sales improvements continue long after we’ve left the building.



SKILLbuild® is our cloud-based assessment and learning platform. It sits at the centre of our training delivery enabling us to deliver learning solutions quickly and at scale across offices, regions or geographies.

SKILLbuild® has the ability to:

  • deliver role specific learning interventions
  • assess each team members core skills and identify the areas that need strengthening
  • create individual learning paths based on skills assessment feedback
  • track learning and development progress by individual, team, region, country etc.
  • help managers monitor individual and team learning progress
  • compile data to produce a structured Skills Gap Analysis report
  • integrate with legacy systems – Learning Management Systems (LMS) and existing content