Sales Strategy Execution

Every company is unique. Different sizes. Different cultures. Different industries. But there is one common challenge every company shares.

The need to grow.

The question is how? Some companies may look to grow through the introduction of new products and solutions. Some might look to grow by focusing on new markets and buyers. Some may grow through acquisition. Still others may look to grow by simply maximizing the productivity of their sales teams.

But picking the right strategy is just the beginning. Growth only happens when sales strategy turns to execution. We at STR see some common challenges in turning “strategy to revenue”:

  • Underestimating what it takes to get their reps competent and confident to execute in the field.
  • Failing to identify the critical competencies required to have the desired conversations with buyers.
  • Not preparing first-line managers for their essential roles in leading and coaching reps to execution.
  • A lack of providing reps with just-in-time, just-when-needed learning solutions to enhance ability.


STR can help address these and other issues with a suite of offerings and services focused on truly turning strategy into revenue. Our solutions take a competency-based approach to enabling your salespeople. Specifically:

  • Our SKILLbuild® sales effectiveness platform. This SaaS-based tool allows you to map, assess, and develop the critical competencies to be mastered and executed in the field by your salespeople. SKILLbuild® will help in the delivery of learning to your reps, and just as importantly, assess reps for competency mastery – ensuring your reps are able and confident to execute in the field. SKILLbuild® also provides sales managers with dashboards to help track reps against mastery, and allows the ability to create individual learning paths.
  • We have a number of solutions designed for the FLSM and the critical role they play in leading sales execution. These include our FLSMuniversity, essentially a plug-and-play onboarding system for your managers that prepares them for their roles as coach, trainer, leader, performance manager and recruiter. We also offer something we call POWERsessions® – a digital toolkit that provides an FLSM everything they need to lead a 1-2 hour training intervention targeted at a specific competency. POWERsessions® are ideal for ensuring that managers use a consistent message to their reps – and enables them to lead through example.
  • Professional and creative services. Including a competency mapping workshop to help identify and tag the critical competencies that will be needed for field execution, and access to an award winning team of designers who can help you create customized training solutions leveraging the latest in learning design and modalities.