Sales Management Enablement

Do you offer your first line sales managers (FLSM) an onboarding process?

If your like 82% of companies that responded to a recent study, the answer would be a resounding “no”. Yet it is your FLSM that are the true change agents for any sales initiative – from implementing a new selling tool to getting reps to call higher in their client organizations. Here are the typical challenges we see:

  • No clearly defined competency model or job description for the FLSM.
  • No rigor in the recruiting or promoting of FLSM.
  • A lack of any training or learning available to help FLSM in improving their effectiveness.
  • A lack of tools to enable the FLSM in their ability to lead, coach and train their reps.

STR can help address these and other issues with a suite of offerings and services focused on turning your FLSM into true change agents Our solutions take a competency-based approach to enabling your FLSM. Specifically:

  • FLSMuniversity: A plug-and-play onboarding solution for your new (and existing) FLSM. Delivered completely online via our SKILLbuild® platform, the program is typically completed in seven to nine weeks and provides managers the ability to learn at their own pace, without taking time from the field. It is assessment-centric, allowing FLSM to “test out” at any time (meaning an experienced manager does not have to take learning for competencies already mastered). The program is based on research from SiriusDecisions, focusing on developing the five key roles every manager needs to play: performance manager, coach, leader, trainer, and recruiter.
  • POWERsessions®: Everything a sales manager needs to deliver a highly interactive one-to-two-hour learning intervention with their sales team (e.g. during a monthly team meeting) distributed to the field digitally. Included in the POWERsessions® are a video “co-host” to help guide the manager through the agenda and content, interactive exercises and training material. POWERsessions® are an ideal way to support the launch of any sales initiatives – including product introductions, onboarding, new sales methodologies, etc. By enlisting the help of managers to deliver learning in the field, it also ensures your managers are prepared for the critical coaching role they need to play - the best way to learn is to teach.
  • Professional and creative services. Including a competency mapping workshop to help identify and tag the critical competencies that will be needed for FLSM execution, and access to an award-winning team of designers who can help you create customized training solutions leveraging the latest in learning design and modalities.