5 Steps to Incredible

Most of our clients come to us for sales training. We believe in a different approach. Like medicine, sales force transformations are only as good as the initial diagnosis. After a challenging first conversation, our most sceptical prospects often become our most loyal clients.

1. Analyze

Qualitative analysis of your business delivered with speed and precision

2. Identify

Pinpointing the critical blockers and enablers to kick-start your transformation with targeted solutions

3. Improve

Arming your teams with the skills and knowledge to achieve sustained commercial improvement

4. Sustain

Building your sales teams’ capabilities, so you continue to hit your targets long after we’ve left the building

5. Succeed

Our goal is your success. Accelerated sales performance delivered quickly via a succession of big impact, milestones that propel you to the top of your game.


Whether you operate in one town or across multiple languages and cultures, we’ve almost certainly worked with a company like yours before. We recognize that you need to deliver short term gains along with longer-term business improvement so we break down our approach into four distinct but complementary programs. Each of our award-winning programs delivers immediate short-term successes but is also a key component for cultural change and sustained commercial improvement.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Our Consultants

We’re an experienced group of sales and marketing leaders, and education and coaching stalwarts. We’ve all held senior positions at global corporations, or rolled up our sleeves to turn start-ups into successful international businesses, and in many cases we’ve done both.



Your time is precious. We won’t waste it. Our rapid impact analysis enables us to identify with speed and precision your mission critical priorities. From here we pinpoint the areas of your business where improvements will have the greatest impact on revenue, and where the most impactful changes can be made. We use our findings to create a blueprint for change. It will always focus on a core set of immediate actions, delivering short term gains to kick-start your transformation, while simultaneously identifying the catalysts that will deliver longer-term business improvements.



Using the blueprint from the Discovery phase, we work with you to map a course towards sustained competitive advantage. We help you to efficiently build or restructure the critical functions that will drive a maximum increase in performance; supporting your transformation and turning your strategy to revenue. Depending on your requirements we can help you navigate the entire journey, or let you take the lead and support you at key-points on the way. Regardless of approach, our goal is always to deliver a sustained commercial improvement in the fastest possible time, by concentrating on the critical success factors that will have maximum positive impact on your results.



Having mapped a path towards achieving sustained commercial improvement for your business, we then translate mission critical objectives into achievable deliverables for your team. Pathfinder bridges the gap between your strategy and your sales teams’ ability to fulfil it. We then build the correct environments for them to develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors they need to achieve your business objectives. We consider the market environment, company culture, team dynamics and your time frames. Proprietary benchmarking and assessment tools enable us to evaluate and coach to a pre-agreed standard across the business and we mix traditional e-learning and training with self-paced and group modules, workshops, coaching and ongoing assessment. Perhaps most importantly, we promote manager-led competency training. In this way we build the most effective program to deliver the lasting change you need, in the fastest time possible.



When we give your teams the tools to achieve your revenue goals, we do it in a way that works best for your business. We work with your existing software and learning environments or we offer you SKILLbuild™, our award winning online assessment and training library of over 70 e-learning modules covering the essentials of sales training. Self-paced modules can be delivered off-the-shelf or customized to address the needs of your business from specific industry challenges, to department goals or job function requirements. We even tailor it to individual team members’ needs and time constraints. Supporting online learning with workshops and a continuous coaching environment, we ensure sales teams spend less time in the classroom and more time in the field. By giving you the tools and the autonomy to continue the journey to incredible we simultaneously foster a continuous coaching culture for sustained cultural and behavioural change.

Our Expertise

Sales Strategy Alignment

We work with you to ensure the strategic goals of your company are reflected in a clearly defined sales strategy with clear metrics in place. We look for a comprehensive understanding of the total addressable market, current and potential wallet share, and identify ‘white space’ opportunities you can address to achieve your goal.

Our Expertise


Your marketing team has worked hard to create a position for your company, but does it support your mission critical objectives? Is the sales organization and your channel able, and willing, to articulate your corporate messaging and use it as a point of differentiation in the sales cycle? Just as importantly, do your messages resonate with potential buyers? We look at where messaging gets lost in translation and identify the content and tools to enable sales teams to accurately communicate your value proposition.

Our Expertise

Customer Segmentation

We work with you to ensure your sales method is aligned to your customers’ buying behaviors and preferences, and balanced with your company’s profitability and growth goals. We look at whether the market is correctly segmented, and consider customer buying behaviors and metrics, and how effectively they are being addressed. We also look at segment potential and profitability based on the cost of acquiring and serving the customer base, both directly and via the channel.

Our Expertise

Compensation & Incentives

We assess whether your compensation plans support your mission critical objectives and if they reward the behavioral changes you need from your sales team. We look at whether they are optimized to recruit and retain top talent and if they adequately address all segments of your sales organization.

Our Expertise

Sales Force Deployment

One of the most complex areas of discovery. When we consider if the sales force is configured correctly we look at its size, structure and capabilities, checking it is effective enough to fulfil the market opportunity. We cover all aspects from sales operations right down to the support functions, looking at the alignment between sales, marketing and operations as a priority.

Our Expertise

Performance Management

Consistency is key in performance management. We consider how sales force effectiveness is mapped across all stages of the sales process and the most efficient way to improve upon it. We help develop or update formal processes and reporting cadence, and implement methods to ensure standards are enforced across territories.

Our Expertise

Sales Tools & Process

The scaffolding that supports all high performing sales teams is discipline and rigour. We check whether your team has a disciplined sales process that is consistently applied across regions and job functions. We check that each step in the sales cycle has the correct method of advancement in place, and that the sales process is in line with customers’ buying journeys. We evaluate the tools and job functions used to support your sales team, identifying hurdles and fixes that can help improve sales force effectiveness.

Our Expertise

Reporting & Analysis

Is what you are reporting on aligned to your strategic imperatives? Does your sales team have metrics in place for basics such as customer acquisition and retention, and share of wallet? Do you have effective processes in place to manage discounting, lead generation and channel opportunities? In addition to looking at the process, we also offer better insight into those leading indicators that will transform your business.

Our Expertise

Recruiting, On-boarding & Re-boarding

An often-overlooked area which can have a detrimental impact on new recruits and the existing sales team. We’re looking at whether your organization has a clear definition of what the required roles, behaviors and competencies are for success in each sales position, and if there is a recruitment and coaching program in place that supports them. We consider the impact of the existing sales team on new recruits, and focus on manager-led competency training and ongoing assessment. Finally, we look at how organizations build the right environment for staff to develop the skills, knowledge and capabilities they need to achieve the results the business expects.

Our Expertise

Sales Efficiency

As you unleash the full potential of your sales team, can you make further improvements? We assess whether you are investing in the right areas for growth and how your sales overheads compare to the market, suggesting areas for change and improvement.

Our Expertise

Pricing & Pricing Models

We look at your pricing strategy and how you manage discounts and rebates, and the move to new subscription pricing models. We address the commercial life cycle, the true cost to acquire and serve customers, and the pricing tools and analytics used within the business.

Our Expertise

Training & Coaching

We look at how you educate your teams on the messages and behaviors that will enable them to achieve your objectives. Are you addressing all teams within the sales cycle – inside sales, the channel and even the customer services team? Is the training delivering the right results and how can you deliver sustained improvement fast?

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Savinson

Mark is a sales coaching visionary and a passionate entrepreneur. He is an expert at identifying sales inhibitors within an organization, and creating pathways to overcome them.

His entrepreneurial approach means his focus is on delivering fast, tangible results with a positive top line impact. While his coaching expertise mean he consistently develops programs which deliver sustained cultural change and long-term business improvement.

Senior Consultant

Neil Whitelock

Neil is a highly successful and competitive business-leader with a proven track-record in building businesses, orchestrating business transformations, and driving sales-growth in technology and finance verticals. He is experienced at re-structuring organizations in response to changing market dynamics and payment models including cloud and SaaS, and running successful alliance and partner programmes globally.
SVP Sales, North America

Robert Fox

Robert is a senior sales and marketing, and channel enablement expert. Prior to joining Strategy to Revenue, Robert held leading positions at Oracle, Siebel, On Target, and ran his own channel enablement consultancy.

Robert is a leading light on helping companies to maximize revenue potential through their direct sales, as well as enabling their channel partners to excel. Robert frequently works with IT and pharmaceutical companies, amongst others, to grow their revenue with speed and efficiency.

Senior Consultant

Rachel Bibby

Rachel is a customer focused, data driven marketing communications professional with broad and global experience delivering commercially aligned, integrated marcomms strategies that drive business results.

Passionate about simplifying business ideas and services to deliver solutions that connect brands with their audiences, Rachel is an expert at cutting through the hype to deliver no-nonsense marketing messages that increase brand awareness and credibility, and positively influence the sales process.

Senior Consultant

Phil Nutt

On-time, on-budget, on-top is Phil’s mantra for ensuring customers receive the best and become the best. Whether it is consulting, designing or delivering, his decades of global experience of enabling sales people, teams and managers, are balanced with his passion to embrace new approaches, technologies and insights.

Phil uses his extensive skills to enable people to become great at selling, managing and achieving. Prior to his 16 years coaching sales force effectiveness, the last 10 of those with Strategy to Revenue, Phil ran his company delivering sales and marketing application. He has held senior channel manager roles for technology companies in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, as well as roles at HP, DEC and British Airways.

Head of Sales Enablement Practice & Applications

Jason Watson

Jason is a Sales Enablement and L&D leader. Having sat on the customer side of the desk 20+ years, Jason is an expert at helping clients identify where and how to focus effort and budget to deliver the greatest performance improvements across sales, marketing and services. He builds and implement strategic programs that combine the very best training and coaching techniques with the latest technology, thanks to his rare combination of tech savvy and Sales and HR acumen. Prior to joining Strategy to Revenue, Jason was Sales Enablement Director at Refinitiv, formerly the Financial and Risk business of Thomson Reuters.