Sales Enablement as a Service (SEaaS)

The Sales Enablement role covers a wide range of activities. The challenge is that many of these activities have been delivered by a wide range of groups including; marketing, product marketing, proposition owners, HR and L&D.

The people who should be benefiting from these activities: i.e. sales, have for too long seen these activities as initiatives that come and go, leaving them to get on with their day job-selling what they have always been selling.

Sales Enablement should be seen as a service that aligns all these activities, delivering the sales team what, how and when they need it to be effective in their role which is to generate revenue in line with the strategic objectives of the organization.

To help its Clients Strategy to Revenue (STR) has introduced a new service offering Sales Enablement as a Service (SEaaS) to specifically address the misalignment between all the Sales Enablement activities.

  • It is charged monthly and allows you to manage all your costs associated with sales enablement, focussing on enablement as opposed to paying someone to find individual solutions
  • A solution that delivers value immediately
  • A flexible solution that can work with your existing technology or introduce new technology

The Sales Enablement as a Service model

SEaaS 1 SEaaS 2 SEaaS 3 SEaaS 4

SEaaS is delivered as a 4 step process

SAeeS 4 Steps

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