Former Thomson Reuters Director To Lead Sales Enablement Practice

July, 2019 – Strategy to Revenue has appointed Jason Watson to lead its Sales Enablement and Applications Practice.

Watson has over 15 years’ experience in sales enablement and sales training leadership roles. He joins from Refinitiv, formerly the Financial & Risk business of Thomson Reuters, where he was Sales Enablement Director.

Watson will be responsible for growing the enablement side of the Strategy to Revenue business as well as evolving the companies SKILLBuild™ sales training platform to a software-as-a-service model.

“Technology applied without insight will do little to move the dial. Modern sales enablement platforms can deliver great efficiencies but the key is using them as part of an overarching improvement strategy. Jason is working with clients to marry enablement best practice with the right technology to deliver sustained behavioural improvements quickly and efficiently. He embodies what human-led, tech-supported sales enablement is all about. His track record of success in this area speaks for itself. He is a great enhancement to the team.”

Mark Savinson, CEO, Strategy to Revenue, the award-winning sales enablement company

“The fact that incremental performance improvements continue long after they’ve left the building, prove that Strategy to Revenue really are much more than your average sales training consultancy. They blend human insight and sales coaching with their own sales training platform and the best of modern sales enablement technology. Having seen the results they deliver first hand I’m looking forward to helping expand the depth and breadth of the offering further still.”

Jason Watson, Sales Enablement and Applications Practice Director, Strategy to Revenue

Prior to Refinitiv Watson was Director, Sales Enablement at Thomson Reuters. He also held senior channel enablement and training and development roles at Xerox.

In addition to sales improvement consultancy, Strategy to Revenue offers off-the-shelf sales training programs endorsed by the Association of Professional Sales, and a 120 sales improvement guarantee, tied to deployment of Accent Technologies CRM Supercharger platform.

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