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Sales Improvements in 120 Days or Less

New customer buying behaviors demand new ways of selling. Accent Technologies Sales Enablement platform, CRM Supercharger and Strategy to Revenue’s Professional Services help sales and marketing answer that demand.

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Sales Improvements with AI
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Crush Your Sales Quota

Today’s buyers expect more from sales: faster response times, instant understanding of their challenges and bespoke insight on how to overcome them.

CRM Supercharger tackles this challenge head-on.

1. Power Up Your Sales Game

Artificial Intelligence learns how the business wants sales opportunities to be constructed and serves up sales guidance and next steps recommendation to move the opportunity efficiently through the sales cycle.

Guidance is based on today’s customer buying patterns and future business goals, not outdated sales data.

2. Stay Ahead of Competitors

100’s of data points analyzed to put the most-winnable opportunities at the top of the sales team’s agenda.

Recommended content, next steps suggestions, and alert tools helps sales deliver bespoke insight and value at speed.

It means the right deals are worked on faster. Plus, sales reps can add essential value at every step of the buying cycle in the way each buyer needs, and ahead of the competition.

3. More Selling. Less Admin

Email, calls, customer-meetings and website data auto-populated into the CRM. A sales dashboard gives managers & leaders a summary-overview of the opportunity progress, customer-engagement strength and highlights where action needs to be taken.

The software even identifies sales influencers not currently engaged by the sales team.

The result: Less data-entry and more time selling to the right contacts.

4. Constant Sales Improvements

Imagine your sales team just kept improving. With Accent’s CRM Supercharger that’s entirely possible.

AI constantly reviews real-time deal outcomes and adjusts content and behavioural suggestion accordingly; continuously fine-tuning sales team processes and performance.

Implement Quick.
Improve Fast

The difference between good and great is in the detail.

Quick Start

We ensure new ways of selling and better alignment to customer needs happen from day one.

No dependence on historical deal data and no reinforcement of old, or sub-optimal selling processes.

Instead we make sure that Standard Models are correctly architected and that business goals are aligned to the AI of Accent’s CRM Supercharger from the offset.

Fast Improvement

We give customers access to our multi-award-winning continuous learning framework via the Accent platform.

Sales coaching and training is delivered in the field, specific to their job role, and just when a sales person needs it most.

On the job training increases selling time, improves information and skill retention and helps new behaviors become habitual. Plus, its directly aligned to business outcomes!

Fine Tuning

We expect customers to see sales performance and process gains in 120 days of less. But we carry out regular evaluations at 60, 90,120, 180 and 270 days to continually fine-tune the Standard Models for optimum performance gains.

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