Our Team

STR Leadership

Dominic Jones – CEO

Dominic Jones is a senior executive with a proven track record of using technology to solve complex business and operational challenges that deliver material value for customers and generate value based revenues in multiple sectors across the globe.

Mark Savinson – Chief Operating Officer

Mark has been involved with corporate L&D since 1984. His career, which began with technical training, detoured into knowledge management and culminated in creating tools to drive excellence by effectively assessing the competency of people in their role, supported by a coaching culture within sales management.

Robert Fox – VP, US Sales & Marketing

Robert has over 20 years of delivering sales enablement solutions for many of the Fortune 300 IT&T companies. Robert is a subject matter expert in the components, processes and tools that are required by businesses and their Channel Partners to develop and deploy a robust framework of profitability, management and accountability.

Martin Dean – Head of Innovation

Martin has worked in numerous sectors bringing his creative talents to some of the biggest brands. As Head of Multimedia Services for Saatchi and Saatchi, Martin was instrumental in defining the direction and navigating the digital landscape for this leading edge agency. As one of the founders of STR, Martin oversees all creative output, ensuring that it meets the highest standards, remains on message and adds value to the solution.

Peter Smith – Operations Director

Peter is responsible for both media production and day-to-day running of global client programs. A qualified graphic designer, Peter has over 25 years experience in the design, printing and production industry. Prior to joining STR in 2011, Peter was Managing Director of Page Visions, a leading digital printing and design studio working with some of the top brands in technology, media and retail.

Jane Manning – Head of Finance

Jane has more than 20 years experience in accountancy and financial management. Her commercial finance experience comes from working in fast paced business environments for start-ups and high-growth venture, large corporations, charities and SMEs.