120 Day Improvement Guarantee. We’re Accent’s Global Professional Services Partner

– Professional services will guarantee the Accent sales enablement platform delivers operational and sales improvements within 120 days

– Customizable sales coaching and learning will deliver a continuous learning framework intrinsically linked to business goals

– Dedicated European sales and services hub for local customer support

Sales enablement software vendor Accent Technologies and Strategy to Revenue, the award-winning sales enablement consultancy, have signed a global partnership agreement. Accent’s sales enablement platform can now be purchased with professional services from Strategy to Revenue. Customers can expect improved sales outcomes and operational efficiencies within 120 days or less, as a result of the new partnership. Strategy to Revenue will also act as Accent’s dedicated European sales and services hub for local customer support.

Professional services packages will focus on three key areas:

Creating client Standard Model: Strategy to Revenue will work with customers to architect a forward-looking Standard Sales Model that aligns their business goals to the AI of Accent’s CRM Supercharger. Educating the AI on the way the business wants deals to be constructed moving forward drives new ways of selling and better alignment to customer needs. It sits in contrast to traditional sales enablement best practice which uses historical deal data which frequently reinforces old, or sub-optimal selling processes. A correctly architected Standard Models ensures sales people are served the correct steps, insights and training support to close the right types of deal, greatly improving sales outcomes. Regular evaluations at 60, 90, 120, 180 and 270 days fine-tune the models for optimum performance gains.

Continuous Skills Coaching & Training: Strategy to Revenue will introduce its multi-award-winning continuous learning framework to the Accent platform. The result is sales coaching and training delivered in the field and directly aligned to business outcomes. This type of ‘on the job’ training increases selling time and is proven to improve information and skill retention.

Roll-out: Successful early adoption and ongoing use of the Accent system by the sales team is critical to success. A real-time stream of information on deals in progress provides the data-fuel that the Artificial Intelligence, automation and analytics within the system needs. The system uses this information to intelligently re-calibrate the standard model and revise behavioral, content and learning recommendations to optimize selling time and outcomes.

“Like a GPS, sales enablement platforms are only as good as the data inputted into them. Relying on old, static data is dangerous. Our ability to construct standard models gives Accent customers the ability to dynamically respond to changing customer buying patterns and absorb the bumps, bends and re-routes that inevitably happen on a buyer’s journey. Strategy to Revenue’s track record in delivering sales performance improvements to some of the world’s best-known brands makes them ideally placed to help our customers set themselves up for quick-start success and ongoing optimal performance, with sales improvements tied to their business goals.” said Pete McChrystal, CEO, Accent.

Accent is a recognized as a leading sales enablement platform and was listed in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for CRM Sales, 2018. Its AI-driven sales enablement platform provides insight to improve sales productivity and profitability. It ensures sales reps focus on high-value selling activities and automatically serves-up the right resources and tips for each stage of the buying cycle.

“Accent’s AI-based sales enablement platform is an incredible opportunity for sales leaders to improve sales outcomes but it is a case of quality in, quality out. We’re looking forward to helping Accent customers set in place strong foundations upon which they can build a constantly evolving sales improvement platform. Couple this with our ability to introduce award-winning, in-context learning at the beating heart of the sales process and I believe we can give our joint customers a genuine competitive edge in the incredibly competitive world of B2B sales.” Mark Savinson, Chief Operating Officer, Strategy to Revenue.

Read more about our 120 day guarantee, book a demo or read our latest whitepaper on the Application Services page.

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