Every business in the world shares one common need. The need to grow.

And if you’re like most companies, you have developed a strategy to achieve that growth. Perhaps it is through hiring and deploying more salespeople, Or pursuing new industries or markets. Or growth through acquisition or divestiture. Or targeting new buying audiences. There are many paths to growth.

Turning strategy into revenue requires meticulous execution by your salespeople and the leadership of your first-line sales managers. STR's offerings focus on these two critical areas.

SKILLbuild® is a SaaS-based sales effectiveness platform that maps the critical sales competencies required for every sales role in your company. The platform provides the ability to assess reps for mastery against these critical competencies, delivers learning solutions in a just-in-time/just-when-needed format, and allows each rep to develop a personal learning path to effectiveness.

We also offer a suite of learning solutions and tools specifically designed to enable first-line sales managers in the crucial roles they play including coaches, leaders, mentors and change agents.

We are not a traditional sales training company as we do not espouse a particular methodology or model. In fact, we work with many leaders in the sales training industry to help integrate solutions and support on-going learning. We have received a number of industry awards, recognizing our outstanding ability to create customized training solutions with unparalleled creativity and delivering real business results.